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Attila and Aleida - an Ominous Symbiosis

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Attila Hildmann incites. He calls Angela Merkel a „Satanist“ declaring her „worse than Hitler“, threatens Volker Beck with murder, and pronounces Germany a “Bolshevik republic”.

Above all, however, Attila Hildmann incites against Jews and Israel – so far, without any recriminations. As absurd as his conspiracy myths and as vulgar as his anti-Semitism are, as insane and intellectually limited he appears: Attila

Hildmann still manages to appeal to the masses.


Because of elements like Attila Hildmann, our democracy is eroding, public discourse is rotting, political culture is degenerating, and vulgar anti-Semitism is becoming rampant.


What wonder then, that “cultural scientist” Aleida Assmann sees reason to complain. Alas, it is not the despicable development she deplores, but rather what she calls the “inflationary” use of the term anti-Semitism. For her, the term is proof that Israel critique is being systematically suppressed. Aleida Assmann does not want that, because she criticizes Israel systematically, obsessively, daily, at every opportunity and with seemingly unlimited neurotic energies. Her mission culminates in an "outcry against the impotence of silence."


Odd, since she, herself, remains audibly silent about the poison attack on Navalny, the torture in Turkey, the internment camps in China, the state-initiated murders in Iran, the mass murders in Syria and the constant oppression taking place in Belarus. Instead, she is busy firing volleys of anti-Israel poison arrows.


Attila Hildmann is the face of anti-Semitism on Germany’s street. Aleida Assmann is the face of its moralizing hypocrisy. Attila incites the masses with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli slogans, Aleida Assmann laments the protest against it with perfidious mawkishness.


Sooner or later, Attila Hildmann will drive himself into a closed institution with his absurd theories. But the pathological agitation against Jews and the Jewish State does not consist only of loud, mindless squabbling and absurd conspiracy theories. In more recent times, it is also promulgated in indirect, weepy, hypocritical ways. Aleida Assmann masters these ways with considerable artistry. It’s not enough to find this trick intellectually disgusting. It must be addressed and exposed.

First step: We are launching a signature campaign “Against the anti-Israeli hypocrisy of Aleida Assmann & Co.” It is part of our efforts to make the public, the media and the politicians aware of proponents like Aleida Assmann and their deplorable activities.

Democracy and Information e.V.


With my signature

I protest against the moralizing hypocrisy of Aleida Assmann and her agitation against the Jewish State.

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